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Christian Community Action, Inc. is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust. We maintain the following privacy policy to protect personal information you provide online.

Christian Community Action’s website does not contain e-mail addresses, postal addresses or telephone numbers except as offered voluntarily by the visitor for the purposes of asking a question or requesting information.

Christian Community Action does not sell or otherwise provide any visitor information to any outside party for any reason other than to protect its legal rights or to address actual or threatened illegal or harmful conduct. Disclosure may also be required by legal process, such as a search warrant, subpoena or court order.

As you learn more about what we do, staff members from Christian Community Action may ask you from time to time, if you would like to support its programs and services.

Privacy Practices

Christian Community Action’s Privacy Practices can be viewed below. The documents pertain only to information that is collected by its staff. As such, they do not include any data.

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Legal Disclosure

Information about Christian Community Action, Inc. including financial, licensing or charitable purpose(s) may be obtain without costs by writing to the Executive Director, 168 Davenport Avenue, New Haven, CT 06519, or by calling (203) 777-7848. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


Christian Community Action, Inc.

December 9, 2013




Christian Community Action, Inc. ( referred to as “we”) is required to maintain the privacy of your personal information and wants you to know about our practices for protecting such information. We are required by law to abide by the terms of this notice. Our employees, volunteers, and contractors are also required to abide by the terms of this notice.

The information that is protected by our privacy practices and this notice is known as Protected Personal Information. It includes all information we collect or maintain about a person who is homeless or an individual who is homeless who (1) identifies either directly or indirectly, a specific individual; (2) can be maneuvered by a reasonably foreseeable method to identify a specific individual; or (3) can be linked with other available information to identify a specific individual. We may only use or disclose your Protected Personal Information for the purposes, and to the extent, described in this notice. The Protected Personal Information that we collect must be relevant to the purpose for which it is to be used.

We reserve the right to change our privacy practices and this notice at any time. Any changes to our privacy practices and this notice will be effective for all information we maintain, including information collected prior to such a change. This notice is effective as of the date set forth above.

We collect personal information directly from you for reasons that are discussed in this privacy statement. We may be required to collect some personal information by law or by organizations that provide funding to operate this program. Other personal information that we collect is important to operate our programs, to improve services for a person who is homeless, and to better understand their needs.. We only collect information that we consider to be appropriate.

The Rights of Individuals who are Homeless:

  • Inspection and Copying: Subject to the other provisions of this privacy notice, we must allow you to inspect and copy any of your Protected Personal Information by written request. Upon your request, we will explain any information that you do not understand. We reserve the right to deny any request for inspection or copying of information: (1) in preparation for litigation, (2) about other individuals (other than a health care or homeless services provider), (3) obtained under promise of confidentiality (other than a promise to a health care or homeless service provider), if disclosure would reveal the sources of the information, or (4), the disclosure of which would be reasonably likely to endanger the life or physical safety of an individual.
  • Correction of Information: We will consider any request you make for correction of inaccurate or incomplete Protected Personal Information pertaining to you. We may elect not to remove any incorrect or inaccurate information, but may mark such information as inaccurate or incomplete and may supplement it with additional information.
  • Denial of Requests for Inspection, Copying and/or Correction: We may reject or refuse any repeated or harassing requests for inspection, copying and/or correction of Protected Personal Information. If we deny your request for inspection, copying and/or correction of your Protected Personal Information, we must explain the reason for the denial to you and must include documentation of the request and the reason for denial as part of your Protected Personal Information.
  • Copy of This Privacy Notice: We must provide you with a copy of this privacy notice upon your request.
  • Complaints: If you are concerned about a possible violation of our privacy practices, or you have any other complaint concerning our privacy practices or your Protected Personal Information, you may file a complaint with

Cynthia Watson, Administrative Director

Christian Community Action

168 Davenport Avenue

New Haven, CT 06519

(203) 777-7848 Ext.16


If you have any questions about our privacy practices or would like more information you may contact Christian Community Action, Inc. at (203) 777-7848 x16. 

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