Hillside Family Shelter

CCA's Hillside Family Shelter provides temporary emergency housing (30-60 days) to families (at least one adult and one child) who are homeless or poor. Other services include: case management, food pantry, daycare through LULAC Headstart, and referrals to resources.



"Hillside" was chosen as the shelter’s name because of its location in the Hill side of New Haven, and because a hillside is, literally, the point between the bottom and top of a hill. This is fitting, since the program’s goal is to help families move up from homelessness and reach the top of the hill.



CCA believes families that are homeless deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. This is an essential first step toward breaking the cycle of homelessness. We have also seen that reducing stress in families’ lives by providing adequate living space will increase their chances of making steps towards self-sufficiency. For these reasons, the Hillside Family Shelter is less burdened with rules and regulations than other shelters’ programs.



Please contact (203) 777-7848 to learn more.