FAITH Partners

FAITH Partners is a CCA initiative that works to engage congregations in the greater New Haven area in its programs and services in a deeper, more meaningful way. Each letter in “FAITH” represents a specific way congregations can join and support CCA’s mission:



F – “Faithful Funders” support CCA programs through dedicated monetary contributions


A – “Apartment Angels” provide food, clothing, and household items that families need while living in their CCA emergency housing unit


I – “Indispensable Intercessors” commit to pray in a group setting (e.g. worship, prayer groups, Bible/Torah studies, etc.) on a regular basis


T – “Teammates in Transformation” advocate for equality, economic security, and systemic change


H – “Hunger Heroes” provide nonperishable food items monthly, perishable items from a community-based garden, and/or food and volunteer hours for CCA’s Thanksgiving basket distribution



The FAITH Partners initiative is structured to help participating congregations further their mission, make meaningful connections, align faith and action, network with one another, and become advocates.


CCA is always in need of new FAITH Partners. If your organization would like to participate, we would love to hear from you! Please contact (203) 777-7848 to learn more.