ARISE Center

ARISE Center is CCA’s newest program. Located at 158 Davenport Avenue in the Hill neighborhood of New Haven, the ARISE Center provides support services to families who are at risk of being homelessness. ARISE stands for Accessing Resources for Independence Skill-building and Employment.


Services: employment search assistance; family counseling & empowerment; daycare; case management; referrals; health and wellness workshops.


Requirements: ARISE Center currently only assists those who are in CCA programs.


Philosophy: The Center addresses the problems of families in need, either to prevent a first experience with homelessness or a return to homelessness, using an approach that engages both the adults and children in any given household. It affirms the value and dignity of every family member through holistic and comprehensive services and multiple levels of resources, including adult coaching and education, child programming, and civic engagement. The ultimate goal is vocational: to promote the health and wellness of the entire family, allowing all members to thrive.


ARISE Center has developed working relationships with other family-oriented agencies in the New Haven area. The network ensures the delivery of needed social services in a coordinated and family specific way. Our goal is to provide assistance related to development, job placement services, parenting assistance, and wellness. Formalized partnerships include:



ARISE Center utilizes three key elements when implementing assistance:

  • A two-generational approach

  • Person-centered practice

  • The method of Motivational Interviewing (MI)


Please contact (203) 777-7840 to learn more.